Thursday, April 26, 2012

April on the Homestead

In one word, our April on the Homestead has been busy!

The kittens have been growing up.  They hit the eight week milestone, and four of them went to new homes!  I'll  miss their cuteness, but I know their new owners will love them and take care of them.  This is Underdog.  She got hurt early on before we separated the mama cats.  They were literally fighting over her, because one of the mamas wanted to move the kittens and one didn't.  We moved each mama, with her own litter, into individual carriers for a few weeks, with plenty of out of the cage time, to solve the problem.  The vet said she would probably pull through, but we were worried!

We had tulips blooming.

And dandelions, too.  Thankfully, I can use the dandelion roots, so I'll be picking and digging some up soon.  Not these, though.  They're right near the driveway and so get exposed to the fumes from the vehicles.

We got the herb garden completely ready to go, and got a few rows of garlic planted.

We started tilling the vegetable garden.  That's about four foot wide, and forty foot long (not all forty feet are in the picture).  We have a long way to go.  The veggie garden will be 100 feet wide!

We took our first trip to Sam's Club, and also visited a bread markdown store and Save-A-Lot.  Maybe that was March, but we ate well in April because of it!

Which meant we needed some semi long term storage options.  I will eventually can most of these beans, as the bins are plastic which means critters can get in.

My Excalibur dehydrator came in.  It works like a beast!  I dehydrated garlic...

and spinach...

and onions.  Lots, and lots, of onions.

I'll bet your April was just as productive as mine!  I hope you've enjoyed this little glimpse of life on our homestead!


  1. Dang, you have been REALLY busy! Your garden is going to be huge! I'm kinda jealous... ;~)

  2. nice- April has been a beast! Love that little Kitty!

  3. I'm a new follower and can tell I will enjoy reading your posts. What do you do with the dandelion roots? Also, I have a dehydrator but never use it much. What do you do with the dehydrated spinach? What all else do you dehydrate?


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