Saturday, April 28, 2012

April Garden Showcase

Ah, April!

Whether you have a huge garden, like I do, or a small container garden, and whether you're growing food or flowers, April is the month where, for most of the Northern Hemisphere, things really get going in the garden.

My own garden is still mostly in the planning stages.  I do have the lower herb garden ready to go, and have two rows of garlic in.  I've started tilling the main vegetable garden, and hope to have it ready for seed by Tuesday.  On Friday we went to the big city to go to Home Depot to pick up some floor tiles for the kitchen, which will be my project after the garden goes in, and I couldn't resist stopping by the garden department there!  I picked up another packet of Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin seeds, in the hopes that I'll be able to let the preschool and kindergarten kids at the school in town come pick up some pumpkins for Halloween.  I also picked up some herb seeds that I couldn't get locally.

In addition to my own garden, I'm showcasing some other gardens today.  I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I have!

Michael Palicro, a musician I know from Twitter, sent me this lovely little container garden, perfect for those of you who don't really have much space to garden, but who can find a sunny spot outside!  Love how it the window frames the containers.  I bet the container garden really adds beauty to the room!

Renee Dobbs, from Magnolia Days, sent me this great picture of flowers from her garden!  I absolutely adore the colors!  I can't wait until I get to plant some pretties around my home!  That probably won't happen for quite awhile, though!

I'd love to include your garden in next month's Garden Showcase post! Just send me an email at!

If you're looking for seeds, trees, plants, or anything else for your garden, please visit my sponsor, Nature Hills Nursery!  If my strawberry seeds don't take off, I'll be getting strawberry plants from them!


  1. Cute idea sharing other people's gardens! :)

  2. Thank you for including my photo in your garden showcase! Good luck with your garden and I cannot wait to see photos of how it grows and what you harvest.


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