Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What a Wild and Crazy Life!

Frosted Trees-Common here in February/March
When I wrote my post about all the stuff I had to do in February, I had no idea what I was talking about!

I started off February firm in the belief that I was going to have to work my butt off.  In reality, it's been a whirlwind month that I haven't experienced since the month we spent moving.  Yes, a month.  But that's a story for a different time.

I've been wrestling with a few things lately, one of them being how neglectful of my home I've been for the sake of this blog.  I have a hard time writing about how to be better organized when my home is really not organized.  Granted, that's mostly a money issue.  We moved into a smaller space (although with more outside storage) that necessitates making our stuff fit in unique ways-and that takes money, which is pretty tight right now.  As you can tell by the dates between this entry and the last, I took some time away to try to find a better balance.

Now don't get the feeling that I'm whining.  I'm really not.  I spent a few days feeling overwhelmed and sorry for myself, and then took those feelings to Someone else.  I've spent much of the last several days praying.

I do feel led to write this blog.  I feel like it's part of The Plan that God set us on so many years ago, when He spoke to us so loudly to move away from the city.  But I knew that the demands of family, home, and farm would be difficult to meet while still working so hard on this blog.  And while writing is something that I love to do, family, home, and farm must be priorities in my life.

Adding to all of the things going on around here, we finally made the decision to homeschool this weekend.  I've felt led in that direction for a long time, but, let me tell you, this is the scariest thing I've ever even thought about doing.  I have no qualms in admitting that my children are smarter than I am, and I have always been afraid that I would not do them justice if we did homeschool.  However, we have found a K12 program in our state, which means there is teacher oversight on everything, which insures that the kids won't get behind.  We borrowed some curriculum materials from a neighbor who is already doing this program, and found that some of our kids are very behind what is being studied in this program.  So we'll be doing "Friday School" to catch up, since my kids only have a four day school week.

So here's the plan, dear friends who have supported me for so many months now.  I'll still be writing, but I'm going to be changing the subscription newsletters for the Organized Home, Groceries on a Shoestring, and Organized Christmas.  Putting together those newsletters sometimes takes longer than writing the post did.  Instead, I'll be switching to one weekly newsletter, where I spotlight all of my posts for the week.

Since I've turned down most of the sponsor opportunities I've received because I either didn't have time to do them or, more frequently, felt that you, dear friends, wouldn't be interested in the offers, I will be removing that option from the work with me page.  I will still accept advertising, but I will make sure the ads on this site are for products or services that I feel would be beneficial to you.

Compost pile #2-just started
As I go forward, I can't guarantee that I'll be able to post almost daily as I was before.  I'm kind of rushing to put some things together before spring planting season, including some changes I have wanted to implement for awhile now.  Basically, I have until mid April until the garden takes more of my precious writing time.  I'm hoping that I'll be able to set up my laptop and write when the kids don't need me once we start homeschooling, or on Fridays for now. I still get up pretty early but as the days get longer and warmer, I'll be outside more and more-especially once we get chickens.  I'm usually in bed by ten so writing in the evenings really doesn't work either.

I hope you continue to stick with me during my growing pains!  Thank you for being here!


  1. Take your time and do what you need to do and know that we will be here reading whatever you post!! Life is a journey that has it's ups and downs and we all experience it.
    My life doesn't follow the ideas in my head,so I just have to go with the flow.And I think that is all any of us can do!
    Keep writing!! You do it well!!

  2. Thanks, Darlene, I appreciate it!


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