Sunday, December 4, 2011

In The Backwoods Kitchen: 12/4/11

Happy Sunday!

I'm moving the In The Backwoods Kitchen posts to Sundays.  I think a lot more people are planning their weeks on Sundays so if this helps you to plan what you'll be doing this week then that's a good thing.

I didn't actually do much in the backwoods kitchen this week.  There are two reasons for that.  The first is that it's cold in the kitchen.  Super, duper cold.  Our fireplace doesn't heat the back of the kitchen very well, and we're evaluating our heat options.  I don't think it's gotten above 40 degrees outside at all this week.  We've got several more days of freezing temps coming, and I'm hopeful for a respite after that.  It's not usually this cold here in December.

The other reason is that I have been spending more time than usual, working on this blog.  I'm designing a new header and it's time consuming.  I wanted to have it done by December 1, but obviously that didn't happen.  Now the goal is Tuesday.  So it's been all I could do to get the basics done.

I did get the turkey done.  Stewed with carrots, onions, celery and spices, I got 10 quarts of broth for the freezer, and enough meat for the two pans of stuffing to be fairly generous with the meat.  Those will go on the meal plan starting in January, so we don't get tired of turkey leftovers (we'll probably be having turkey again at Christmas).

I had an interesting discussion on Twitter regarding baking.  I commented that I had used 18 eggs making 24 muffins, two banana breads, and a dozen breakfast burritos.  @TX_Lisa commented that, that is a lot of cooking, and that must be part of what I was feeding Santa at the PTA fundraiser on Friday evening.  While I did take Santa two slices of banana bread, he got a plate of our regular dinner on Friday.  That baking, was pretty much normal at our house.  18 of the muffins were for Little Girl's preschool snack.  The other six were snack when the kids got home from school.  I later baked 24 more muffins for breakfast; we had a few leftover for other snacks.  The two banana breads were one breakfast and one snack.  And the dozen breakfast burritos were breakfast with a few left over for Oldest Boy, because he has to leave at 6 am for basketball practice and I'm not cooking breakfast twice.  I also have a stash of pancakes in the freezer for him to heat up in the microwave on those mornings.  We go through almost three dozen eggs per week.  See why we're going to have layer chickens?  We also go through a lot of flour, and as soon as I get storage set up, I will be ordering wheat berries and grinding my own wheat.  Then I'll be able to have whole wheat flour for the same price that I'm currently paying for white flour.

This week I'm baking muffins again, and also two apple breads, one for breakfast and one for snack, plus two cakes (served without frosting for snack), brownies and cookies.  Even buying on sale I could not afford to feed all the kiddoes without baking from scratch, plus it's healthier.  I will be buying some Pillsbury biscuits this week-while I know baking them is a healthier alternative, sometimes I need stuff quickly, so I'll be taking advantage of those being on sale.

The night before last, as I sat in front of the computer re-tooling the Amish Yamazuti recipe from last week, I re-thought my stance on posting recipes here.  The recipe called for cream of mushroom soup, which is not the healthiest thing I can be feeding my children.  While it definitely sped up the prep time for the recipe, I think it could be made healthier if made using a roux and mushroom broth.  So I drafted my own version of the recipe and added that to my dinner rotation instead of the original recipe.  So I will be posting more recipes, just not today.  I'll have to get to those later in the week.  We go grocery shopping today and I still need to do coupon match ups!

Last but not least, here's my dinner menu for this week:

Sunday:  Beef Noodle Bake, Green Beans, Biscuits
Monday:  BBQ Pork, Mashed Potatoes, Corn
Tuesday:  Chicken Alfredo with broccoli, carrots
Wednesday:  Goulash, Corn, Rolls
Thursday:  Little Smokes and Mac and Cheese, Green Beans, Rolls
Friday:  Chicken Rotini Stove Top Casserole, Broccoli and Cheese
Saturday:  Carne Adovada, Rice, Cornbread (we were supposed to have this last week, but had pizza one night)


  1. you have an extra wife in your header. :)
    sorry, couldn't help it! i saw your tweet.

  2. LOL thank you, ma'am! I'm wondering if it was wishful thinking? I've often thought the plural wives thing wouldn't be so bad, as long as I didn't have to share my husband!


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